Eu sou extremamente grato por tido à oportunidade de trabalhar com Dan Roberts na Delphi Automotive Systems América do Sul.  Dan é um raro executivo que é capaz de usar todo seu conhecimento em desenvolvimento de estratégias, finanças, vendas e marketing e operação para ajudar a empresa atingir suas metas e sua estratégia global.  Dan é capaz de julgar riscos e oportunidades em vários cenários com o objetivo de a empresa atingir os objetivos estratégicos.  A sua habilidade de construir e capacitar a equipe e atrelada ao seu grande relacionamento com os clientes foi capaz de criar uma história de sucesso para a nossa empresa.  É um profissional de alto valor para qualquer empresa e com certeza trará retorno desejado em qualquer segmento de negócio, isso devido a sua versatilidade e competência.


Roberto C, de Lima

CFO & Membro do Conselho Consultivo da IES do Brasil Soluções em Equipamentos

Empresa do Grupo KPS Capital Partners.



I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Dan Roberts at Delphi Automotive Systems South America. Dan is a rare executive who is able to use all his knowledge for strategy development, finance, sales, marketing and operation to help the company achieve its goals and its overall strategy. Dan is able to judge risks and opportunities in various scenarios with the goal of achieving the company’s strategic objectives. Dan has the ability to build and train the team and tied to his great relationship with clients was able to create a success story for our company. He is a high value professional for any company and certainly will bring the desired success to any business segment due to his versatility and competence.

Roberto C, de Lima



Trabalhei com o Dan Roberts durante 2 anos na Delphi, tendo sido 2 anos espectaculares de aprendizagem para mim. Foram 2 anos de trabalho duro, muitas horas por dia, 7 dias por semana mas valeu a pena.

O Dan é um verdadeiro líder, visionário, inspirador, empenhado e completamente focado em atingir e ultrapassar os objectivos acordados; ao mesmo tempo é um verdadeiro amigo, focado no bom funcionamento das equipas e percebendo que para isso tem que conhecer as pessoas com quem trabalha e ajudá-las a crescer, sendo um verdadeiro mentor para todos.

Tecnicamente é também uma pessoa de alto calibre, conhecedor dos detalhes, inovador na forma como aborda as questões, muito bom no desenho, análise e melhoria de processos.

Foi para mim um privilégio ter trabalhado com o Dan Roberts e ter ficado seu amigo.

Carlos Glorias Ferreira

Glaories Ferreira Associados



I worked with Dan Roberts for two years at Delphi, two spectacular years of learning. Very hard work, very long hours, 7 days per week but was worth the effort.
Dan is a true leader, visionary, inspiring, committed and completly focused on achieving and surpassing the agreed objectives; at the same time he is a true friend, focused in the good functioning of the teams and knowing that he needs to know the individuals with whom he is working and help them to grow, being a true mentor for everyone.
Technically he is also a high caliber individual, knowledgable of the details, inovating in his approach to situations, very good in designing, analyzing and improving processes.
To me it was a priviledge to have worked with Dan Roberts and being his friend.

Carlos Glorias Ferrira


I have known Mr. Jeff Roberts for over 27 years and have interacted with him over many of those years in a business environment. We have worked together in the oil & gas production industry as well as related areas. Mr. Roberts has worked in groups that I managed and I have worked for him as an engineering consultant. He is a person who gets things accomplished whether in completing a field construction project or negotiating a legal settlement. His experience has spanned the range from manual labor to executive roles and he can relate to and deal effectively with people in all levels of an organization.”
Mark Parks PE
Owner Operating Manager Matriks Management LLC.

“I have worked with Dan Roberts the last 28 years. Dan is a customer focused individual that works well in team environments and always focuses on ways to enhance customer satisfaction. He has great technical skills and understands modern problem solving and lean operations. Dan has extensive International experience and has worked in engineering, operations and administrative functions. He has lead small teams and large groups with excellence. He has held individual, managerial and executive positions and has provided enhanced value in all of his activities.”
Ron Pogue (retired)
Business Line Executive, Delphi Corporation
VP Engineering & Quality, EnerDel

I have known and worked with Dan Roberts for over twenty years. Initially my relationship with him was as a vendor trying to get my products qualified for sale to Delphi Automotive, where he was the General Manager of the Generator Division. Over the course of several years I developed an awareness of personal integrity on his part that I had found to be seriously lacking among many of his peers in that industry. I was also very impressed during this period with his ability to focus the large as well as the small details of the project at hand and he doesn’t waste time with game playing for tactical advantage.
Although our business relationship did not endure for many years because of the tumult in that industry in those years we did develop a mutual respect and friendship which has endured. We have worked together in oil industry related projects since that time and I have again been impressed with his managerial abilities and capacity to focus on the critical path while not neglecting the details or expecting others to make sure they are handled.

I personally see Dan Roberts to be an excellent manager as well as a well-trained engineer, expert in modern manufacturing techniques and quality systems.

Steve Fallen
President & CEO, (1988-2005)
Ennis Automotive, Inc, Ennis Texas

I first met Dan while working in the automotive industry and I credit him with jumpstarting my lean journey. He introduced to books like The Machine that Changed the World, Lean Thinking and Learning to Seeand other work by the MIT Group. He helped me understand how to evaluate the value stream of our business and how to identify and eliminate waste throughout the organization. I have continued to build on the concepts Dan taught me and to use the tools of Lean and Six Sigma. Dan is a great facilitator and mentor to any organization looking to jumpstart its lean efforts.

Stuart Fallen
VP of Operations
Customer Based Transportation, Inc.

I had the privilege of working Jeffrey Roberts for more than ten years, 1996 – 2010. During that time Jeff was responsible for the remediation of an oil field in the hills of Eastern Kentucky; I managed litigation related to the oil field’s previous operation. Jeff was very focused on his responsibilities and carried out those responsibilities in an exemplary manner under a very difficult situation. Jeff had the technical skills and people skills to accomplish the remediation while maintaining positive relationships with both oil field residents and government regulators. Jeff’s attention to detail and thoroughness enable me and other attorneys to have the accurate information that was needed to obtain a defense verdict in the litigation.
Jeff was competent, professional, thorough, and personable. I give Jeff my highest recommendation, without any limitation.
John F. Billings, Attorney