Major Oil and Gas Cleanup Project

The Martha Oil Field, located in central eastern Kentucky was discovered in 1919 and produced roughly 19 million barrels, utilizing over 1500 wells, of oil prior to 1955 when a water flood project was begun.  Over 6 million barrels of oil was recovered using water injection between 1955 and 1970.  At this point, it was estimated an additional 20 million barrels of oil remained to be recovered by injection of brine and inert gas. Due to the Clean Water act and an USEPA Order on Consent the field was closed and the wells plugged. During the closure and site remediation NORM (naturally occurring radioactive material) was discovered in the well production equipment, pipelines, and soils at the well sites. As a result a major cleanup was started. Unfortunately the oil in the Martha Oil Field lies in a formation, which contains this NORM.  The main constituent of this NORM is low-level concentrations of radium-226, which has a half-life of 1600 years.

Over a period of several years Jeff Roberts who is now a R&R owner was the Project Manager over these activities including:

  • The cleanup of local ground water contamination and establishment of monitoring of same for 20 years.
  • Closure of USEPA Order on Consent was touted by USEPA as a model of cooperative effort
  • The cleanup of 145,000 tons of NORM contaminated soil and millions of feet NORM contaminated pipe.
  • The inspection of over 3000 sites for possible NORM contamination
  • Support of litigation team involved with over 250 litigants resulted in a trial and legal victories.
  • Final closure of the Martha Oilfield.

This cleanup activity was debatably the largest of its kind in the Midwest.

Major Implementation of $50M Electronics Plan

Dan Roberts was originally assigned to determine the best location in a European country for the construction of high tech electronic ignition plant. Assignment included all negotiation with government for monetary benefits and grants for plant and personnel. Final selection based after extensive evaluation was Portugal. Construction although behind schedule when assigned met all start-up dates. Implemented top of the line technology manufacturing processes included metal forming, potting, injections molding electronic handling and assembly.  Selected all leadership staff position and established their training. Lead process for the selection and training of all manufacturing personal including skilled Extensive experience in trade and duties included the development of a duty free zone inside plant parameters. After successful start-up was assigned as plant manager. Was rewarded with promotion after competition and returned to USA.

The greatest honor was all construction, start-up and production goals were met without a lost time accident.