Project Management

Process and Energy Industry Project Management30 years

R&R Consulting LLC. Specializes in these areas of project management practice in manufacturing or the Energy sectors.

  • Planning for overall project execution
  • Validating cost estimates and control tools
  • Ensuring constructability of the facility
  • Selection and evaluation suppliers
  • Strengthening contracting services
  • Supporting project procurement
  • Controlling the quality of engineering design
  • Making Independent Project Reviews
  • Emphasizing construction planning and safety
  • Staffing the Owner’s Project Team

Working with your leadership we have and can manage all or part of your project– we have extensive experience starting in the middle of a project that is having timing or technology difficulties,

Planning for overall project execution

  • Evaluation of project execution strategies, assessment of risks, and development of approaches to minimize adverse risks
  • Development of critical issues associated with the project
  • Development of staffing plans for all project phases and work locations

Validating cost estimates and control tools

  • Objective and detailed appraisal of capital cost estimates for methodology and completeness
  • Scoping and assessment of project cost control organization and systems for responsiveness

Strengthening contracting services

  • Development of contracting strategies for the overall project and each major job, with appropriate commercial approaches for each anticipated contract
  • Assistance for owner’s legal and project functions in preparing bid documents to get targeted results
  • Assistance with screening of potential bidders, identification of qualified bidders, and determination of a bidding slate for each job
  • Assistance with planning for an administration of the bidding process, review of proposals, and penetration of an award recommendation for each contract

Making Independent Project Reviews

  • Conduct planned, in-depth, quick-response appraisals of project performance at key milestones to give owner’s management an unbiased picture of strengths and weaknesses of the project

Emphasizing construction planning and safety

  • Implement comprehensive planning of the entire construction process to provide basis for safe and effective worksite activities
  • Perform specialized Construction Safety Execution Planning, to provide specific worksite safety programs in appropriate depth and breadth to meet owner’s safety goals

Staffing the Owner’s Project Team

  • Filling Project Manager and other PM Team leadership positions
  • Filling PM Team gaps to meet functional or time requirements
  • Fielding a complete PM Team

Oilfield Management

  • New and legacy production
  • Drilling
  • Completions
  • Recompletions
  • Water Disposal
  • Secondary recovery
  • Environment (SPCC, NORM, GPP)