Surprising Benefits of Trail or Mountain Biking

I have tried many different exercises over my career. Free weights, jogging, Bow Flex and aerobics all have helped and were appropriate at the time. After knee surgery several years ago my orthopedic surgeon advised me to reduce any exercise where my foot left the ground. Logically thinking about it makes a lot of sense when you raise your foot the gap in your knee widens especially when you age and shoving your foot down tends to create more and more stress.

Knowing that I needed to add something to my routine I took up trail or mountain biking and can say it has been a pleasure ever since. I avoided street biking because of the danger of getting hit even though trail or mountain riding has its risks.

In addition to being fun, mountain biking offers a plethora of physical, emotional and social benefits to those who partake. It is the very first exercise except maybe for basketball which I had to stop as well, where you have to pay so much attention to what you are doing that all your worries and thoughts go into the back ground thus you get an emotional break. Also as we age we continue to reduce the exercise of our inner ear thus we begin to lose our balance control. By picking a trail with a lot of turns and complicated paths you get constant exercise of your inner ear and thus help you balance. This is only one of three exercises I utilize but I strongly recommend picking up the old two wheeler and giving it a try.

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