Stronger than Diamonds Who Would Believe

I was recently reading may Car and Driver magazine and stumbled onto an article about carbon nanotubes. It did not take long to realize that this technology is an amazingĀ  breakthrough that will create a complete new product and process cycle. Surprisingly the technology is not new but its’ impact will be major in the future.


Figure 1

All of us, never thought we would ever be researching a material that is stronger than diamonds. Amazing, the carbon nanotube is not only stronger than diamonds it is 20 times stronger than carbon fiber, and sells for the price of superglue.

Figure 1 is a picture of the nanotube, each tube is one nanometer in diameter, which is one billionth of a meter, which is how much your fingernails grow in one second. Nanotube’s organized structure is its’ strength secret. Most materials have a much less organized structure. Overall, Carbon Nanotubes show a unique combination of stiffness, strength, and tenacity compared to other fiber materials which usually lack one or more of these properties. Thermal and electrical conductivity are also very high, and comparable to other conductive materials.

The applications for carbon nanotubes are endless:

  • Replace current heavy electrical wire
  • Replace steel cables with ultra light 100 times smaller fibers.
  • Ultra light high pressure vessels
  • Ultra bullet proof armor
  • Conductive plastics
  • Structural composite materials
  • Flat-panel displays
  • Antifouling paint
  • Micro- and nano-electronics
  • Radar-absorbing coating
  • Technical textiles
  • Ultra-capacitors
  • Batteries with improved lifetime
  • Ultra light antenna


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