5 Networking Tips


                   FROM A WORLD WIDE EXPERT

Networking is free, most of the time. It’s full of like-minded individuals, and if you go to the right events, it’s full of people you can work with or learn from in some way. I have been a business leader providing leadership training for many years. No matter whether you are selling products or yourself your brand is your most important asset.

But if you think you can sell at a networking event, it will not work. As a business coach I always recommend you must focus on your brand. Whether you are an executive coach, attorney or individual business entrepreneur, you have a brand. A networking event is where you can get your brand in front of others. Remember it takes a least 6 to 10 times meeting and contacting someone before you will get feedback. Face-to-face networking events create lasting impressions in the minds of people you meet. I mean, ultimately, it’s not about whom you know, but rather who knows you, right?

A few tricks that I have learned over the years.sales

  1. Time in Asia taught me to turn my business card around and look down at it, replacing the Japanese bow. This will automatically cause your target to look at your card.
  2. Don’t talk about yourself or business. Tell them what you can do for them. If you know something about their business, tell them how you can help them solve a specific problem. If this is you first meeting, tell them you are glad to meet them and excited that you know you can help them. Always acknowledge people you have met before.
  3. I am not impressed with flashy business cards that look like someone has spent more time trying to cram info on the card than thinking about their brand. Create a simple brand slogan, and put it on the card. Remember they only look at your card for a few seconds so put something on it that is easy to stick with them.
  4. Work the room. I always look for someone on the other side of the room I do not know and head for that person, on the way you can stop and meet others.
  5. Do not be a bore. Remember most of the people are in the room for the same reason you are. So spend only the time necessary to get your message across and move on. You can tell quickly the people that are there to socialize only and need to be avoided.

Through our more than 60 years of executive leadership, business networking has become a major activity for the R&R team.  R&R Consulting was created more than 15 years ago by experienced Executives who have a vision to make a difference for our clients.

We have extensive experience in many sectors and management levels on small and large projects.

“Let us become your business partner”


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