CEO/Top Leader Coaching

CEO/Top Leader Coaching

R&R understands that customers have very different needs. And whether you call them CEO or directors have access to top leaders to support your needs. We provide flexible options to support those needs and support delivering top executives on a fixable basis.

Interim CEO/Top leaders

These professionals work full time at the client’s office(s) on short or medium term basis. We maintain and continue to expand an impressive roster of talented senior executives across the globe.Depending on need we normally can provide support very quickly.



Fractional/Coaching CEO/Top Leaders

Many times a full time top leaders is not an option. R&R has on a continuing basis provided part time leaders on a coaching or in line basis. The structure of this relationship can be as few a one day per month. We provide both face to face assistance as well as web based support



Project Based CEO/Top Leaders

Project-based engagements are on a full or part time basis and continue until completion of a specified goal or outcome. These professionals provide support to attack specific challenges. Project-Based leadersare an economical alternative when demand is higher for specific periods.