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Face to Face with W. E. Deming Changed Management Philosophy

    Early in the 1980’s I was an engineer/manager in one of GM’s largest component division in Indiana. We manufacture more than 30,000 units a day of more than 10 different electrical components, such as starters, alternators, distributors and many other products. Our plant complex, located in central Indiana, utilized over 20,000 hourly and […]

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Stronger than Diamonds Who Would Believe

I was recently reading may Car and Driver magazine and stumbled onto an article about carbon nanotubes. It did not take long to realize that this technology is an amazing  breakthrough that will create a complete new product and process cycle. Surprisingly the technology is not new but its’ impact will be major in the […]

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The Cloud Can Help Your Business

  The $270 Billon Cloud Computing Market   The global cloud computing market is expected to grow at an 30% CAGR reaching $270 billion in 2020, concludes the latest research report covering the cloud computing products, technologies and services for the global market Cloud computing provides many advantages for companies today. From streamlining processes to improving […]

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5 Things Small Business Owners Should Avoid

When it comes to succeeding as a small business owner, the fact is that there’s no one secret to success. However, after spending 30-plus years in the business world, much of it coaching other small business owners, I have realized that there are a few actions guaranteed to spell failure for your SMB. Here are […]

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Bring it Back from China

Many suppliers that ran to China to manufacture are now seeing a path to bring back manufactured parts to the US. This is a direct result of several factors: Rising costs in China. The growing middle class in China is demanding better wages and benefits. The inventory cost of parts in transit has become significant. […]

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