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Face to Face with W. E. Deming Changed Management Philosophy

    Early in the 1980’s I was an engineer/manager in one of GM’s largest component division in Indiana. We manufacture more than 30,000 units a day of more than 10 different electrical components, such as starters, alternators, distributors and many other products. Our plant complex, located in central Indiana, utilized over 20,000 hourly and […]

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Steve Jobs- A different type of creative genius

We can all teach and coach to learn and practice what he did daily. As an engineer and an engineering manager  I  continually strived to push people to maximize their performance based on their intellect, not knowing that creative genius is a combination of intellect and intuition. The ability to think, to reflect on ourselves […]

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5 Networking Tips

                   FROM A WORLD WIDE EXPERT Networking is free, most of the time. It’s full of like-minded individuals, and if you go to the right events, it’s full of people you can work with or learn from in some way. I have been a business leader providing leadership training for many years. No matter whether […]

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Stronger than Diamonds Who Would Believe

I was recently reading may Car and Driver magazine and stumbled onto an article about carbon nanotubes. It did not take long to realize that this technology is an amazing  breakthrough that will create a complete new product and process cycle. Surprisingly the technology is not new but its’ impact will be major in the […]

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Bring it Back from China

Many suppliers that ran to China to manufacture are now seeing a path to bring back manufactured parts to the US. This is a direct result of several factors: Rising costs in China. The growing middle class in China is demanding better wages and benefits. The inventory cost of parts in transit has become significant. […]

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Surprising Benefits of Trail or Mountain Biking

I have tried many different exercises over my career. Free weights, jogging, Bow Flex and aerobics all have helped and were appropriate at the time. After knee surgery several years ago my orthopedic surgeon advised me to reduce any exercise where my foot left the ground. Logically thinking about it makes a lot of sense […]

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